Business Cleaning Services

A healthier, happier staff will cut down on sick days and lost revenues as well as result in increased productivity. 

\We provide our office cleaning services to every type of business – from medical and law offices to real estate and retail. Any workplace can benefit from our service at a frequency suited to its needs. We offer services on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and are also available for special needs and emergency occurrences.

 We exceed your highest expectations. We give your business that “business” advantage. We can meet the office cleaning challenges of daily business activity.

Shine Like A Diamond  Cleaning Service promises an immediate and improved difference in your business facilities. You’ll notice the difference but you will scarcely notice our presence!. Many businesses employ daytime cleaners as night-time cleaning increases lighting costs. Whether daytime services are a necessity or a preference, we are the perfect blend with your business. If you need night-time services, your building will remain safe and secure with our team.

We sweep and mop tile, ceramic, vinyl, and linoleum floors. We do detailed vacuuming and carpet cleaning – ridding your carpet of every allergen. Upholstery will look like new when our team finishes with it. Shine Like A Diamond Cleaning Service pays special attention to every detail. Our team double-check their work and our quality control supervisors further monitor the whole operation.

We dust and wipe your furniture. We dust computers, desks, filing cabinets, and clean telephones. Our team wash windows and clean blinds. We wipe window ledges and tops of partitions. We clean baseboards and mats as well as air vents.

Light fixtures, light switches, doors, door handles – all receive our expert attention. Water fountains and water coolers get a refreshing touch-up. Coffee makers and other appliances receive a complete cleaning -interior/exterior.

Nobody will come in/out or go up/down in your building without noticing the pristine surroundings. We dust and polish all surfaces in entrance areas. We dust air vents and fans in elevators. We vacuum floors and clean handrails.