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    Our Property Management service is designed to keep your home running effortlessly so you can fully enjoy your leisure time.  By leaving it safely in good hands, you will also have the peace of mind knowing while you are away, should problems arise, we are on call to troubleshoot for you. We will ensure that we maintain your property to your specifications so everything is the way you want it upon your arrival
  • House Sitting
  • Refrigerator and cabinets re-stocked with food
  • Referral to home repair vendors
  • Wait at your home for contractors, service people, packages, etc.
  • Away from home/vacation services:
  • Water the indoor plants
  • Bring in the newspaper and mail
  • Order, Purchase, and Stock your Necessities
  • Check the temperature and adjust the thermostat
  • Turn lights on/off
  • Turn water on/off
  • Opening/closing of seasonal home:
  • Handle packing and storing outdoor furniture as well as bringing everything back out
  • Water lines flushed and turned back on
  • Furniture covered and then removed
  • Handle turning utilities on/off
  • Weekly/monthly house checks


  • Maintain outside property by overseeing lawn care, shrubs annual planting, snow removal, outdoor shower, vegetable garden, docks, driveways, power washing, clean patio furniture 

$30.00 HOURLY