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Come home to a relaxed, happy, well-exercised pet.

Dog walking benefits your dog’s physical and mental health.

Boredom and lack of exercise are the cause of many dog behavioral and physical problems.  Physical and mental stimulation on a daily basis will soothe your pet’s body, mind and spirit.

Physical Benefits 

Regular walking with dependable dog walkers will help:

  • Expand excess energy
  • Keep dog’s muscles toned
  • Keep dog’s joints healthy
  • Keep dog’s urinary and digestive tracts healthy (and avoid “accidents”)

Emotional and Mental Benefits

Regular walking with one of our dog walkers will help:

  • Relieve your dog’s boredom when you’re away
  • Reduce destructive behavior in the home
  • Keep your dog happier and less anxious
  • Give your dog the chance to “be a dog.”  Sniffing, exploring and being outdoors are important to your best friend!

If any of these describes you, you need a dog walker:

Are you a working pet parent?

  • Long hours at work?  We offer dog walking to give your best friend a bright spot during the day.
  • Tired of rushing straight home from work to walk your dog while your co-workers go out for a good time?  Our dog walkers will give your dog exercise and companionship while you enjoy an evening out with friends.  Let Pet Sitters give you back your social life!
  • Dreading walking in the door because your dog is hyper?  Or because you find chewed-up shoes, destroyed sofa pillows, shredded paper—or worse?   Pet Sitters will give your dog much-needed exercise to keep his body healthy and his mind occupied.

Do you have an older or disabled parent with a dog?

  • You know the health benefits of dog ownership for older adults—reduced blood pressure, increased mental health, decreased loneliness.  Your mom or dad loves their dog, but just can’t walk long enough—or fast enough—to give their beloved pet the exercise dogs need to stay healthy and happy.
  • You’re concerned that your older parent may get tripped up or get pulled off their feet and fall during a walk.

Are you facing recuperation from illness, surgery or injury?

  • You’re well enough to be home, but not feeling quite up to brisk dog walks yet.  But your dog needs exercise and potty breaks.
  • Your doctor has restricted your activity while you recover.  No lifting, bending, etc.  Who will take your dog out for much-needed walks?

Do you just want to give your best friend something they’ll enjoy?

Dogs love going for walks.  They love being outside in the sunshine and fresh air, having a change of scenery, stopping to sniff and explore, stretching their legs, and seeing the neighborhood.  Chances are, your dog spends most of the day alone inside while you’re away.  Doesn’t your best friend deserve a bright spot during the day?  

What will WE do for your pets?


30 MINUTES  $ 18.00 ..  60 MINUTES $30.00 .. OVERNIGHT $75.00                                     

When pets aren’t confined in a cage or noisy kennel, they stay calm and relaxed in their own familiar surroundings. Your pet sitter will care for your furbaby in the comfort of the pet’s own home. Your furbaby will sleep in their own bed, eat their usual food, and play with their own toys — or cuddle with a favorite stuffed animal. Your pet sitter will follow your pet’s individual routine: feeding, playing and walking. Most important, we’ll give your baby lots of one-on-one attention. Need multiple visits per day? No problem. WE will work with you to create the best schedule for your pet’s needs and your budget.

What will WE do for you?

Picture your next vacation or business trip. Like many people, you’re probably anxious about leaving your pets and your home. Hiring a premier pet sitting service  can alleviate all of your concerns.

  • Experience a getaway without guilt or anxiety, knowing your pets are in Pet Sitters’ loving hands.
  • Gone are the usual hassles of arranging pet care, like transporting your furbabies to a kennel or imposing on friends, neighbors, or relatives.
  • Daily text updates and pictures from your pet sitter will reassure you that your pets are happy and safe.
  • Your home will have more security while you’re away.
  • No need to hurry back in order to pick up your pet before the kennel closes – when you arrive home, your best friend will greet you at the door. Now, isn’t that better?