House Cleaning Guide


Did you know that the average house cleaning in the United States on one time basis is between $125 to $225.00 for homes under 2000 square feet. A 2000 square foot & Up home ranges from $135 to $180.00, while a 3000 square foot home is $180.00 to $390.00. This is according to Home Guide. Keep in mind that prices may vary according to locality and the size of the home.

It is very important that the customer and the cleaning service know what to expect from each other. In this blog, we will help you in understanding many standard house cleaning service packages. 

Now, this is the most important part of all. How is the cleaning price determined? The pricing of the cleaning services offered is based on the standard amount of time it takes to complete various tasks, multiplied by the prevailing wage for maids and house cleaners in a specific area. As house owners, you have to understand the pricing so that you will not wonder about the service cost provided to you.

-          Time allotted for cleaning. As a customer, you have to know how long it will take to complete each task. It is a good idea to actually ask your cleaning service provider how long each task will take. Do not be afraid to ask questions! As a consumer, it is your right to know, because you have to make sure every penny is going to be worth it.

-          Size and quantity. Price quotes given by cleaning service companies are based on the quantity of each task to be performed – for example, one kitchen, three bedrooms, two additional rooms. Take note, an additional room may be a laundry room, exercise room, office or a playroom. If it requires extra attention, like cleaning several pieces of gym equipment or mirrored walls in a home gym, you may choose to count is as a room and a half.

-          Total minutes. This multiplies the minutes per task by the number of tasks and auto-calculates total minutes for you. The number of minutes are then converted into hours. The total hours will tell the cleaning service company, how many cleaners are needed for the service.

-          Amount per room. Pricing differs from one place to another. Pricing depends on the area you are located in. The number of bedrooms you have in your house will play a role in determining cleaning costs. If your cleaning company bases their rates on number of rooms, rather than square footage, your room count matters. Even if your place is only 800 square feet, your cleaning costs will vary depending on whether it's a studio apartment or a two-bedroom house. Number of bedrooms can often indicate how many people live in the home and how relatively clean or dirty it might be. Usually customers want bedding changed and beds made up, which requires extra time and effort the more bedrooms there are, thus driving up your cost. If you have spare bedrooms that are not being used on a regular basis, you can negotiate with your house cleaners to vacuum and dust the rooms on a less frequent basis, thereby saving you money.

-          Number of bathroom. A typical standard bathroom cleaning service will include sweeping, mopping, scrubbing the sink and polishing the faucet, wiping the counters, cleaning the mirror(s), scrubbing the shower or tub and polishing the faucet fixtures, and disinfecting the toilet and toilet bowl. This is why having more bathrooms in your home will usually increase the overall cleaning cost. Some cleaning companies charge more for additional bathrooms than they do for additional bedrooms.

-          Price per square foot. Most house cleaning companies charge by the hour or by number of bedrooms and bathrooms, but some charge by the square foot. The more square footage to be cleaned, the higher your overall costs will be. A company may charge different rates per square foot depending on the type of cleaning service they are providing.