Policies & Terms of Service

Policies & Terms of Service

Shine Like A Diamond Cleaning & Concierge is locally operated and we take every step to ensure your business with us is fair and transparent. 

 PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS: We don’t lift more than 50 lbs., move furniture or appliances without wheels heavier than 130 lbs., or climb ladders higher than 4 ft. with a reach of 9 ft.
Why do we have physical limitations? We just don’t want anyone to get injured or place too much burden

QUOTES AND PRICING: Our quotes and pricing are based on historical durations of (1) the type of service being performed, and (2) the square footage of the home, space, or area.Why are quotes and pricing based on historical durations? It’s the best way to get what you pay for as a customer. If you pay for cleaning by the hour it’s hard to tell how much value you will get in return. Who knows what you’ll get for 3 hours’ worth of cleaning?

TYPES OF SERVICES: Our cleaning services are defined as (1) cleaning, (2) decluttering, sorting & organizing, (3) removing excess trash, junk, or unwanted items, and (4) sanitizing a home, space, or area of pet, rodent, and bug waste. Cleaning involves minor levels of each type of cleanings that can be performed while we’re cleaning.
Why are there 4 services? Each service has its own estimated duration. Most of our cleanings are straightforward where we just clean, however, we understand some customers need more help than others and may require more time to clean. So, to ensure we meet your expectations, we must differentiate our services to plan accordingly with respect to time, supplies, equipment, and labor.

ESTIMATE TIME OF ARRIVALS: Typically, we may arrive 1 hour before or after of ETAs, however, there could be instances where we request to arrive much earlier or to reschedule for a later time. In either case, we will call or text you to get your approval before arriving.
Why? There are several factors affecting ETAs, however, the most common causes of varying ETAs are due to traffic, cancellations, and extended cleaning durations.

CANCELLATIONS: There are no fees for cancellations, however, we ask for at least 48-hour notice.
Why a 48-hour notice? We reserve a spot for you on our schedule and deny potential customers from scheduling with us up to the date and time of your cleaning. Therefore, when customers cancel on short notice it doesn’t allow us enough time to schedule someone else to fill in that spot. Essentially, Shine Like A Diamond Cleaning loses out on work and potential customers lose out on our services.

SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT: We provide essential cleaning supplies and use our own equipment; unless otherwise you request differently.

PAYMENT: Payments are due in full on the day of the cleaning. Payments must be made by either of these forms: cash, check, Cash App, Venmo App,
Why do payments have to be made on the day of cleaning? It’s a matter of maintaining a positive cash flow. If we had several accounts with open balances our company wouldn’t be able to keep up with its expenses. It would be similar to living from paycheck to paycheck and using your credit card to get you through the week. It’s pretty stressful.

REFUNDS: We do not offer full refunds for completed cleaning services, however, if notified within 24 hours of the visit, we will return to re-clean or clean missed areas.
Why don’t we offer full refunds? We’re an honest and hardworking company, we’re in the business of making our customers happy with the cleaning we do for them. Customers hire us because they want their homes, offices, or what have you cleaned, therefore, if something was missed or not cleaned properly, we will correct it with our cleaning rather than give a full refund.

HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS: We do work Weekends however, we don’t operate on Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Thanksgiving Day. For recurring service customers, we will reschedule or skip an appointment depending on customer preference.